Reasons Not to Ignore Water Damage

There are a lot of people out where who’ve got water damage that has been loitering for a long period of time but has been fully ignored by the homeowner. One of the main reasons why they do that is because they thought water damage wasn’t a huge issue.

An extremely common misconception that a lot of business owners and homeowners have is water would just dry up eventually. However, the truth is that any amount of water ignored could cause or lead to major damage to your business or house.

Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t ignore water damage in your property and call a Tulsa water damage restoration company immediately.

Bugs will Take Shelter inside Your House

Bugs are looking for moisture. Of course, water damage produces the ideal breeding ground for spiders, ticks, fleas, beetles, mosquitos, and much more. The dying bugs and hatching eggs will also invite more bugs to the place. In addition to that, they will spread germs.

Lost Personal Items

Whenever the water damage first happens, the water would totally damage all of your personal belongings if you don’t hire an expert water extraction and restoration company. Some of the items include personal documents, electronics, books, photographs, and much more. But, a professional could help restore and save your personal belongings if you act fast on the water damage.

Health Hazards

Germs and harmful bacteria will enter your property if it is exposed to floodwaters. Even though the water has dried, toxins would still linger on your affected furniture if it isn’t treated properly. Germs and bacteria could cause respiratory problems among other health problems.

Electrical Damage

The electric boxes, outlets, and wiring become unsafe to utilize if electrical systems are damaged. That is why you should wait for an expert to check if the system is safe before using them. Electrical damage could happen to your electrical outlets, furnaces, hot water tanks, dryers, washing machines, and kitchen appliances.


This is probably the last thing you want to live in your property. Mold can grow in any presence of water. In addition to that, they can easily spread within 2 days. It can be extremely expensive and hard to remove and treat whenever the mold is already present in your house. In addition to that, mold could spread and be hazardous to your health if left ignored. It could lead to respiratory issues.

Structural Damage

Structural damage will happen when you’ve got water damage. It depends on how much water is surrounding the affected room. The subfloor could easily split or warp and the drywall could start to deteriorate. Because of that, you’ll have to restore and replace the affected areas.

Lowers Property Value

Even if you try to cover the stain using paint, water damage will reveal itself to any appraiser if your property has any sign of water damage. In addition to that, a foul odor can arise when water is left ignored. This will discourage potential buyers right away.

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